Sales Courses

One More Degree:

This highly charged, energetic course is often used as the closing presentation to meetings. It’s powerful, moving and an inspirational life-impacting presentation. It will leave you with one of the deepest internal soul searches you’ve ever conducted, and with the resolve to overcome self-doubt. You’ll discover what human capacity you have, what worth and value you have and what you might consider doing with it in your home and at your job.

Maximizing You:

A motivating speech that uplifts employees who are disengaged with their jobs and those who seek higher meaning in their careers. This speech outlines how YOU control what you achieve at what level and even where you achieve it. Attendees tend to bring down the house with standing ovations at the conclusion.

Measuring Your Self-Improvement:

This is a somewhat grueling two-day workshop that helps employees conduct self-assessments, identify strengths and soft spots and finally, how to build on the soft spots while gaining momentum with their strengths. Offers an annual assessment designed to improve over the years. Very helpful for managers to sit in and observe how each employee views themselves.

Selling Up In A Down Market:

This two-day course identifies the outside negative influences in the buying considerations and steps attendees how to positively set them aside so the path to a closed sale can be cleared. It provides “new think” to existing industry problems and how to overcome them. For salespeople and their managers.

The Difference In Salespeople:

Managers watch the sales game unfold and become amused by the wide variance in year-end results. They also tend to associate the various levels of performance directly to individual success or failure. But, there is far more to the in-depth understanding of why salespeople differ so much and how to manage each person to maximize results.

Think WinWin:

You get out of life what you want by giving others what they want. That’s the simple message this short course leaves, particularly with salespeople and their supervisors. By going on a sales call and focusing all of your initial energies on discovery of customer needs, which vary by customer, you’ll find being able to deliver that can result is huge wins for you.

How Personal Perceptions Impact Your Performance:

Opinions, opinions. How they impact truth. We cover it all here with a half-day seminar about setting aside opinions. We cover such examples of why people think a comment is an objection to buying or why price is really going to be an obstacle when it’s not. This is a very pragmatic business discussion/course on how to drop your opinions and replace them with what is really at issue in selling exchanges. Salespeople LOVE this course.

Rock The Boat:

For those individuals who find every day to be a grind of “the same old thing”, it may be time to rock the boat in which they’re sailing. Change is obviously required for continued growth, but many individuals abhor the unknown risks of going through change. So, they tend to plod through life repeating their actions and grow into the mundane. This speech challenges these people to rock their personal boat and make some waves with their lives.

Life Values:

How we live determines how we’re viewed. This one-day course (can be edited to one-hour motivational speech) helps individuals identify the values of humanity they want to see within themselves and works with participants on how to use these new values to build new relationships that become hard to break.