Management Courses

Building And Managing A Strategic Growth Plan:

A comprehensive review of all the topics that should be considered as crucial working pieces of a strategic growth plan. Will leave you with a huge list of topics to fill in, and Growth Work can assist in doing so if you wish.

Understanding The Salesperson Mentality:

In order to effectively lead the sales effort, sales leaders must first understand how most salespeople operate, why they succeed and why they struggle. This course outlines the fundamental common denominators we’ve found in the salesperson mentality across companies and industries. It is designed to help managers understand what and who they are working with.

Macro Management Of Salespeople:

This course teaches sales leaders to focus on managing results through goal setting and how/when to monitor progress. It also teaches how NOT to manage tactics UNLESS required to do so.

Connecting Marketing and Sales:

Growth Work has witnessed hundreds of companies attempting to market and sell; yet we observe in far too many cases, those efforts are not well connected. This course is invaluable to tightening up the roles of retaining current business and obtaining new business through coordinated expenditures of marketing working WITH sales and vice versa.

Sales Force Evaluation:

Far too many performance reviews are subjective with opinions and viewpoints dominating the discussion. This course shows managers how to establish benchmark evaluations PRIOR to the sales cycle beginning and how to evaluate the actual performance of an individual instead of personalities and efforts.

Interviewing For Sales Talent:

This seminar features a host of specific questions that tests the mettle of the best talent in the industry. More so, we teach the interviewer how to “read” each response, both in verbal content and body language. This leads to hiring great people.

Managing Your Business From The Customer Up:

A senior management discussion focused on flipping the company on its head and rebuilding pragmatic, usable and affordable sales and marketing plans with the customer in centric position. After all, providing customers what they need is what attracts them. And those needs change annually.

What’s Coming In Our Changing World?

One of the most global views of the future marketplace available. Contemporary and changing buying habits and methods are severely impacting the sales channels of old and this discussion shows management a number of considerations in how to pursue future needs through their sales channels…both past and future.

A Story of Personal Enrichment:

Every one of us has a personal journey either behind us, or yet to unfold in its entirety. This motivational/inspirational speech takes the crowd across the range of emotions as it unfolds the ups and downs of an ordinary citizen…leaving a message of personal resolve and strength that overcomes every challenge.

Let’s Play In The Rain:

When the going get tough, well, you know what the tough get to doing…. This is a spin-off of how to use negative circumstances such as embittered competition, poor economic times or upset customers as opportunities to build and grow your relationships and businesses. It is for those who enjoy success by establishing how to overcome obstacles and then, how to implement the plan to do so.

Good Is The Enemy of Great:

There are so many average workers and a few at either extreme of performance. Being good at something can often offer comfort and peace to those who find themselves successful. That seems to be when they no longer push into greatness. This powerful, motivating speech encourages greatness through new methods, means and attitudes.

Hiring Right. Starting Right.:

Hiring is one of the most difficult aspects of management. Easy to do; tough to do well and hire the right person. This mini-seminar for managers outlines in-depth and probing questions to feature in the interview and teaches how to read the answers. Also provides a leave-behind for participants to use in the future. Benefit? You hire the cream of the crop…time after time.

Termination: The Last Resort:

Performance failure occurs. No doubt. But, how the lesser-than-expected results are managed are crucial to either turning it around or ending it. And termination is a failure of both the manager and the employee IF specific reviews and performance factors aren’t monitored, coached and measured. This course shows managers how to manage inferior performers in order to gain higher levels of achievement instead of concluding “this just isn’t working”.

What Sales Managers Manage:

Most sales managers think they manage sales. But sales are a result of all of the issues they’re responsible for and probably don’t know it. This classroom conversation illustrates how to manage a company’s sales through the management of the critical few elements that should consume their time. One of the most popular courses we teach.

Managing the Prima Donna Salesperson:

Prima donnas exist in nearly every sales force. They usually provide high-end results but come with an exacting and tiring demand for acknowledgement, special deals, one-off treatment of their customers, etc. This course walks managers through the successful management steps required to reel in the high tolls most prima donnas make on their peers and bosses.

Dividing The Dollar Twixt Sales & Support:

“There’s your budget.” But, if we’re spending this much to promote, where do I invest it? How do I divide it between salesperson incentives and customer incentives? How do I divvy it up across personnel, pre-sales support, post-sales support, marketing and sales support programs? We’ll walk and talk you through a brand new way to view allocating costs against sales.

The Annual Performance Agreement:

Amazing. That’s the word to describe our experiences with the fact companies don’t use written performance agreements with employees. We’ll show you what one is, how to write it for each individual and how to monitor the performance throughout the appropriate timeframe. Again, very popular course for managers.

Be The CEO of Your Career. Become A Virtuoso:

This is primarily an awe-inspiring speech that challenges people to top out all of their talents, skills and resources to manage their careers successfully from beginning to end. Very inspiring.

Developing Proper Compensation:

Most companies make broad-based assumptions that pay should equate to sales volumes or longevity. No. No. And no. Motivation to succeed is very personal and usually private. This short course for managers helps them identify what each person is motivated by and how to write job satisfactory compensation agreements into annual performance agreements so both company and employee win.

Leadership Behavior:

Being promoted to a new position can be tough because often the new position requires behaviors the previous position didn’t…and that can lead to failure. So, what are the behaviors that benefit most leaders of people and other resources? We’ll review those and give you a self-help test to allow you to determine how well you’re doing with the behaviors people expect of their leaders.